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Choosing to cook only real, organic whole foods for the past 30 years has definitely allowed me to figure out some stuff. When I find a flavor I enjoy, I begin the journey of figuring out how to make it myself, organically.

Sourcing the ingredients for cooking and the staples to have in the pantry has been a process. A process I’m happy to share with you by starting with a first step, the pantry staples and basics that I love.

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Whether you are simply sprouting seeds, grinding your own flours, or setting up a prepping pantry, these hard white organic wheat berries are what you want. Varied sizes available & you can easily give them a try before purchasing in bulk to save $$$.
What would a kitchen pantry be without an amazing, organic EVOO? Bragg Organic EVOO has been my go to brand for many moons, whether in our favorite kitchen dishes or in the creation of my personal care products.
For herbs & spices which I do not grow here on the hill, there is no better source than here for herbs & spices for cooking, home remedies, and personal care uses.
A pantry staple here, and one I couldn’t do without. An ancient sea salt filled with trace minerals. Once you give this real salt a try, you’ll never go back to conventional.
Einkorn flour is not your average flour. This organic flour, reminiscent of ages past, will create pasta’s & baked goods full of rich flavor & amazing consistency.
When it comes to tea’s that I cannot grow here on the hill, this is my go-to source. These organic tea options are just the thing which calls to my soul on a cold winter’s day.
What pantry wouldn’t be complete with out a bit of sugar? I highly recommend Anthony’s organic products, and their cane sugar is no different.

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