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What does “sustainable” mean to you? For me, it resonates with a homesteading lifestyle. One that not only meets the definitions of being “able to be maintained at a certain rate or level”, but also, and maybe more importantly, one that is mindful, authentic and thoughtful. It’s about consciously questioning and deprogramming what we have been led to believe we need in our lives to be happy and content and finding alternatives. It’s about the connection to the earth and how we treat it. It’s about loving ourselves and being mindful not only of what we consume but also how that product was produced and at what cost to the earth, the environment, and our physical bodies.

It’s My Sustainable Life, a homesteading lifestyle blog, is the result of 20 plus years of questioning. With a strong background in health & fitness (CPT & registered yoga teacher) for going on 2 decades, combining traditional approaches to health & nutrition along with holistic approaches has led us to where we are at present.

Here is where readers can get personalized advice, ask questions and find tips of simple approaches to homesteading, organic gardening, canning preserving, and food preparation, organic husbandry on a small scale, finding new ways (or reviving the old) of holistic healing and herbal remedies, exploring fiber arts, and discovering health of body and mind through exercise, practice, and dedication.

I would love to have company on this sustainable life’s journey! Together let’s create a balanced approach to life. Share our laughter, our tears, rejoice in our triumphs and commiserate our failures. I look forward to sharing my sustainable life, one season at a time.

Love, Light, & Laughter ~

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