Over the year’s, growing our own food has morphed into growing our own organic meats. It’s a process when first learning to utilize an entire animal in the most economic & sustainable way. After all, not many know how to correctly process, prepare, & use chicken feet! Or what foods you should not feed your pig. Or the best way to utilize every animal part, like turning bones, cartilage, and more into delicious bone broth!

Having the right tools & implements for the job at hand make it a bit more simple. The following items have made this process easy, quick, and so worth any investment made.

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This boning knife allows for precise cutting while maintaining a firm & secure grip. Compact enough to get into small, precise area’s, this handle fits the hand perfectly!
Sometimes plastic works best. These shrink wrap bags are the best solutions for freezing and maintaining a good product. AND they are made in the USA!
These pre-printed labels take the guesswork out of dates, sizes and any special comments when adding the product to the freezer camp.
Having several funnel cones when processing poultry makes the job go faster. Absolutely essential for processing meat birds.
A necessary investment when butchering meat birds in order to ease the job of plucking. Getting the set with the thermometer is highly recommended as finding the “just right” temperature is imperative for successful plucking.
Sometimes nothing beats a good old fashioned kitchen tool. This clamp on meat grinder is exactly like my Grandmother’s we use.

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