Kitchen Tools

When it comes to being in the kitchen and working with real organic foods home preserving, canning, and just plain cooking, these are my go-to kitchen tools, gadgets, & essentials.

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For anyone looking for an amazing dehydrator (yes please), this is the model to choose if you are looking for a super quiet model with lots of shelving space & huge temperature range!
You can be sure when I need to replace my 27 year old KitchenAid mixer (yup, you heard right, 27 years), it will be with this beauty 😍
The Sousvant Vacuum Sealer is a pretty slick looking option for vacuum sealing the harvest or leftover foods! A cost effective model that won’t break the bank when it comes time to replace the vacuum bags!
When it comes to fresh, clean water, no company has a better filtering system than Berkey! And can I just say how stylish they are 😍
When I need to replace my current high powered blender, you can be sure this is my model. This powerful 2.5 HP, vacuum seal unit made in made in Sweden, is strong enough to get the job done!
Creating our amazing old fashioned ice cream here on the hill is made easy using an ice cream maker to do the hard work 😅
Old fashioned? Me too. I like to handle my recipe cards when creating in the kitchen. They make a wonderful addition to edible gifts too!
I couldn’t run a kitchen without my cast iron pans. And Lodge does it right. With a variety of sizes (couldn’t do without size 10) at great prices, you can’t go wrong.
The perfect fermenting crock for artisan batches. I just love this European design!
Storage in the kitchen is easy & stylish when using these super terrines, which come in many size options, to conveniently hold my staples, i.e. coffee 😊

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