Fermenting foods, another tasty & healthy way to preserve foods for long-term use is something we’ve incorporated into our daily diets. A few favorites? Lacto Fermented Dilly Beans, Honey Fermented Garlic, Kombucha, and Fermented Garlic Scapes are all staples in our pantry!

Not familiar with fermenting or know where to begin? Take a look at Fermenting In A Mason Jar and see just how easy and inexpensive it really is!

Below you’ll find our favorite tools, equipment, and books on all things fermenting!

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This is my fermenting kit that I utilize for all my ferments. Works like a charm, is cost effective, and utilizes mason jars. What’s not to love?
This is my go-to book on any fermentation questions I may have. Highly recommend this wonderful resource.
On my wish list for brewing my Continuous Brew Kombucha!
Looking to get started brewing your own Kombucha? This SCOBY starter is all you need.
Looking for the perfect vessel to brew small batches? A simple 1/2 gallon mason jar does the trick at little investment.
These Clear bottles with a grolsch-style cap that create an airtight seal are perfect when looking to second ferment! 
What’s the perfect stainless mason jar lid that won’t leak AND won’t rust from acidic ferments? These are!
This handmade in Vermont ferment pounder is just the thing to firmly pack those veggies when fermenting. Does double duty as a muddler for those specialty cocktails too!

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